Here are just some of the great things people say about the business advice our business advisors give…

“Thank you for running the Quantum Leap Training Program over the past three months. We found the training to be very inspirational, energising, and liked the simple and affordable ideas for generating more leads and increasing profits.

The personal help of writing a sales brochure has certainly brought in more qualified leads and business is booming! I’ll be using the training manual and handouts for a long time to come.”

Michelle Farr, Co-Owner, Adam Farr Roof Plumber Pty Ltd

“12 months ago – my business was considered successful – well success was measured in sales $ – revenue. The truth was, my team was unhappy, our clients were not receiving consistency and my bottom line was virtually non-existent. I was tired, physically and emotionally, and completely frustrated, which everyone noticed.

The first thing David made me do was write my own job description, as we worked through the modules I soon came to realise, it was a mess, I was wearing too many hats. I was trying to control everything and mainly focusing on the small stuff. I was going on a very long unproductive ride, always ending up back at the start.

Through David’s coaching I came to see my business as something positive. Learning new things, and reconfirming what I already knew around marketing, customer retention, company culture.

Breaking down of my profit and loss to small easy steps to make changes, was pivotal. Growth is great, but it is about the foundation and staying true to the fundamental core values of my business, that would see us through and allow us to reap the benefits from that growth!

David never told me I had to do this or that, by his guidance and working through the modules of the Quantum Leap Course, I was able to understand what was important for my business, what I was comfortable with, and where I wanted to be, personally, and in my business. David was a great sounding board.

In the last six months, my profitability doubled compared to the previous 12 months. I am still not out of the woods, but I am going in the right direction. The best thing is my business is now structured and has focus – a clear vision.”

Franchise Business Owner.

“The program for me was a great way to understand my business better. I feel I will be more focused on the right customer and more confident about the business and staff. The marketing knowledge I gained will be exciting to implement over the next 12 months. It was great to bounce ideas off everyone in the room and with your input it has been a very rewarding few months. Thank you.”

Damien Emery, Emery Engineering

“I’m mid-way through the Quantum Leap Programme with Martin: The sessions provide practical and achievable changes which, session by session, build a really valuable plan to grow my business and look to the future. Some of the sessions we’ve done already have been immensely thought-provoking, yet all offer attainable, inexpensive ‘options for change’ that I can take and apply immediately. Martin’s positivity and dynamic style of delivery help me look at my business in a new and different way.”

Mike Perry, Financial Consultant, Hertfordshire, UK.

“Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the Quantum Leap Program. Steve and I enjoyed every session and have taken so much information away. It has allowed us to look in depth to our Business and get to know it intimately once again. One of the huge benefits of the program for me was understanding the involvement of our Staff and how important it is to have them aware and on the same path as we are with our vision of the Business.”

Leah Cahill, Northside Smash Repairs

“Marilyn recently coached me, as a Small Business Owner, through the Quantum Leap Program. The program itself has been of enormous benefit to my Business in terms of the way I manage my financial position, my client relationships, my business to business relationships and day to day running of my business. I am not only more efficient with my time, I am now also equipped to better manage my staff to ensure they achieve more efficiency with their time also, which has ultimately equated to increased profits for my business.
Marilyn was an incredible coach. She took the time to understand every facet of my business and always provided relevant examples and information specifically related to my business to ensure I could implement her strategies quickly and efficiently, without confusion. Her extensive knowledge and experience in business management is evident and there is no hurdle or problem that she does not have a strategy to overcome. She is extremely professional in her conduct and I will be sure to maintain contact with Marilyn, despite having now completed the Program with her. I would not hesitate to recommend Marilyn, as an experienced business coach, to anyone wanting to start a business or take their business to the next level.”

Donna Guyler, Interior Designer