I’d like to tell you about the magic selling power of words. I’ve put together 5 practical marketing strategies for you in this article. Before I get to the details, take a look at this…

“The last email that James wrote for me resulted in $247,000
worth of new opportunities into my sales pipeline… Wow!
Greg Eicke, Business Owner.

I first stumbled across the power of words in marketing way back in 1997. I had always known that the wording in marketing campaigns needed to ‘sound good’. What I discovered through my study of copywriting was a whole new world of sales possibilities. 21 years have passed since I began my fascination with the secrets of influential writing.

I now know that there are proven words and phrase structures that can bring enquiries and sales as if by magic. It’s been proven that changing just one word in a sentence (written or spoken) can increase sales results by double digit percentages. Learning the sales power of words is well worth the effort!

In this post I’m going to share with you 5 Places Where Great Writing Can Explode Your Sales Results!

Let’s get under way…

Firstly, in your “email-outs”. So often emails are boring and centred on the sender. The number one thing that you can do to improve your email results is to write a compelling headline. A headline that is focused on the reader. The second most important thing is to have a call to action.

Secondly, in your bio. Everybody business owner needs a great bio. This is one of the best and simplest ways to enhance your credibility. Have a long version for sales proposals and your “About Us” page. A short version is great for your online profiles and your intro at networking events and speaking engagements. A bio is not about blowing the sunshine in your own direction. It should build your credibility in solving the key problems that your target audience experiences. For example – “James has 21 years of experience in writing sales copy” is not very compelling and it’s a bit “blowy”. Whereas, “James has been helping business owners to generate quality prospects and convert A-Grade customers for the past 21 years”, sounds much better.

Thirdly, in your sales proposals. Don’t let all of your hard sales work go to waste by giving out quotes. A quote tells the customer to focus on price. You don’t want that. There is an art to writing a winning sales proposal, it took me many years to learn it. However, once I had the winning formula, it was very easy to produce tailored high converting sales proposals quickly.

Fourthly, in an eBook or Special Report. These are great ways of building your credibility as the trusted authority in your niche. These marketing materials have become very important in recent years. The prospect is pushing the sales person out of the front end of the sales process. They prefer to do their own research before they engage with a sales person. The twist is that you have the information they are after. You just have to package it in new ways. Here’s what my mate Greg says about this subject…

“James has helped me to position my credibility and expertise in a very authentic way through eBooks and Special Reports.
Thanks to James I now have 9 of these on a range of topics that my target audience is very interested in. These are absolute gold
during the client acquisition phase as they provide a level of authority and credibility that no glossy brochure will ever achieve.”

Fifth, in letters. Do not under estimate the power of a letter in the mail. A heart felt thank you letter can be worth thousands in customer loyalty. Additionally, sales letters and letters of introduction can be a very profitable lead generator.

By now you’ll be brimming with new marketing ideas. So grab you pen and start scribbling your ideas. At this stage don’t worry if the words aren’t perfect, you can edit later.

Finally, here’s a bonus tip. This is the most important tip of all. Use headlines in all of your marketing. Everything needs a headline. It’s been proven that 70% of the success of any marketing piece comes down to the headline. There are proven word patterns for writing powerful and influential headlines. In our Quantum Leap 90 Day Program, clients receive a copy “42 Killer Headline Formulas”. This information will have you writing profitable headlines in no time.