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Roy Pearson is passionate about transforming the lives of business owners, showing them the tools they need so they can enjoy the best of both worlds; run a phenomenal company while still having the time to live life abundantly.

Everyone defines success differently, as such, Roy offers a bespoke approach to business advice. Using his previous experience and current know-how to give personalised advice for your company and it’s unique requirements.

Roy started his first business in his mid-twenties, quickly building a sole trader IT consultancy into a top 10 business, with clients in over 50 countries. He and his team often dealt with mission-critical systems and large government contracts. He later went on to sell this firm to a multinational organisation.

After running a large multinational IT firm, Roy then found himself living off-grid in a 3rd world country. Where he provided aid, financial support and advice for people struggling to raise their heads above the whirlwind of daily life. Something many business owners around the world appreciate first hand.

Recently Roy has specialised in the not-for-profit sector. Where success is measured not in terms of profit but in lives saved, and people helped. While it does come with unique challenges, there are common themes: employee/volunteer engagement, performance outcomes, and importantly cash flow.

With over 25 years of experience in a wide range of businesses, including SME’s, multinationals, governments, and NGO’s. Roy is uniquely and ideally qualified to improve your brand, your success, and your way of life.

Roy Pearson

Business Advisor

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Here’s what clients say about
working with Roy…

“Understanding that I need a Plan, Vision and Goals to build may business”
Nick Burchfield, Remax Commercial

“Roy business background, combined with the powerful strategies discussed in his Quantum Leap presentation will benefit, in my opinion, any business owner who wants to take their business to a higher level and be more successful.”
Ted Treat, Senior Vice President, Meadows Bank

“Roy is very knowledgeable in the common stresses that Business Owners experience and how to coach them in a step-by-step process to hit their financial and personal goals.”
Tom Brain, The Tactical Investors

“This talk has helped me to realize that I have been stuck on some things from the past and it is time to move forward with my goals and Dreams!
Crystal Hemminger, Owner, Primerica.


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