Vernon Hogg joins Quantum Leap Business Advisors in the UK

As an experienced Managing Director, Vernon has a lot to offer small businesses. This experience coupled with his desire to make a positive difference in the small business sector has seen Vernon get off to a flying start with Quantum Leap Business Advisors.

One of the things that Vernon loves to do it to apply his years of experience at the helm of large enterprises to the challenges faced by small business. “You don’t necessarily need deep pockets to grow a small business”, said Vernon. “There are many low-cost, even no-cost, strategies that business owners can use to put more profit in their business”, he advises.

Vernon has been spreading a positive message to Shropshire business owners about ‘having your best year ever in business.’ He is able to show business owners how to beat procrastination, get more done than ever before and increase their profits.

“There are so many wonderful small businesses out there. Great services, terrific creativity and entrepreneurialism too. It is energising to be helping these people take their business to the next level”, said Vernon.

Being part of an international community of professional advisors is a real highlight for Vernon. “Apart from rolling my sleeves up and helping small business owners, I particularly enjoy the international community that Quantum Leap Business Advisors has put together. It is a wonderful thing to be networking with past CEO’s, Directors, Business Owners and Advisors who are all on the same path, striving to help the small business community”, explained Vernon.

If you’d like to speak directly with Vernon about how you can grow your business, then click on the link to Vernon’s profile page or email us at and we’ll put you in touch.