Meriel Swain

Meriel is passionate about helping people and businesses grow. She does this through helping her clients make connections; directly through introductions or indirectly by establishing the connections with their patterns of thinking and their business performance.

To achieve this, Meriel works with small business owners and individuals to help them to develop their potential for growth and unlocking the mental barriers which have held them back so far.

Meriel has honed her speciality for working with people at all levels within organisations. She has a gift for developing people and a human touch. With over 30 years’ experience in the Private, Voluntary and Public Sectors, within a variety of positions including Senior Management, Meriel is a jack of all trades. She’s a small business owner herself and teaches you how to:

  • How to unlock your potential
  • How to establish goals, milestones and small steps within an action plan
  • How to improve your Net Profit Margin to create a business rather than a busy-ness!
  • How to put the Profit Multiplier Effect to work for you in your business
  • How to identify the systems and processes to keep your business on track
  • How to celebrate success within your team and keep everyone focussed on the main goal
  • How to step into leadership, and inspire and motivate your team members.

With expertise in multiple delivery methods such as one-to-one coaching, team facilitation, workshops and keynote presentations, Meriel is able to tailor flexible solutions for you and your team.

Meriel Swain

Professional Business Advisor

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Here’s what clients say about
working with Meriel…

“A gift for developing people, building, cultivating and nurturing their skills… a talent for leadership through change.”
Jules Jackson, Head of ICT, Thames Valley Police

“Meriel is very knowledgeable in the common stresses that Business Owners experience and how to coach them in a step-by-step process to hit their financial and personal goals.”
Tom Brain, The Tactical Investors

“This talk has helped me to realize that I have been stuck on some things from the past and it is time to move forward with my goals and Dreams!
Crystal Hemminger, Owner, Primerica.

“A broad set of specialist skills.”
Peter Rushton,Service Delivery Manager, Thames Valley Police

“A beacon of inspiration… integrity and trustworthiness…. Grounded, honest, determined and resilient.”
Paul Crittenden,Owner, Be Think Perform


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Location: Cheltenham, United Kingdom

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