David Cairns

Hello, I’m David Cairns.

I have a very clear understanding that Businesses employing 5 or more people are the backbone of our economy. If the business is doing well, the economy is doing well and everyone benefits. My goal is to grow Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) profitability by more than 100%, that’s doubling the SME contribution to our Gross Domestic Product.

To achieve results like this takes creativity, imagination, determination, and change. All qualities my clients confirm I possess. It is not often that Owners and Directors get the opportunity to climb above their business operations and look down on their work, with a critical eye. But that is my role, to assist you, my clients, to look critically at your business, work with you to understand where change may be good, stand beside you as you implement improvements, give you back your passion for your business, and remove the constant pressure of time stress in your business.
This all adds up to “Having Your Best Year Ever in Business”

I started my first business at the age of 16 making electric fence standards to sell at the local Farm Supply Store. This Farming background gives me a very practical approach to problem-solving, which I carried throughout my corporate career. That career provided me with strategic thinking, leadership and change management skills that I use in business and in my own personal development. Working in and managing businesses in London and Melbourne provided me with a many and varied view of business operations from around the world and traveling in some of the more challenging parts of the world keeps everything in perspective.

Whether you ask me to work exclusively with your business or you wish to join with other owners in group learning sessions, you know you will receive the benefit of a lifetime of business knowledge and a passion to work with you to increase your business profitability by 100% or more.

I look forward to working with you.

David Cairns

Senior Leader

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Here’s what clients say about
working with David…

“Now I understand how the figures multiply up, there are ways to grow your business for very little dollars”.
Collette, Karaka

“Your time in Business is precious, choose wisely how you spend it. Do or Delegate”
Melissa, Auckland

“I gained a great understanding of what is holding me back”.
Rachelle, Auckland

“I am impressed with the explanation of the psychological connection between failure and change”.
Sam, Manukau


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