Craig McGregor

Do you love your business?  I hope so.

Maintaining a successful business is a big challenge. While that success can be very rewarding, there are a lot of responsibilities that come with the daily whirlwind that is business life. 

I began my working career in banking and used to love the case studies that would be reviewed as part of our development.  These case studies were good people running good businesses that somehow ran into trouble.  Some of them of course ended in failure. I then entered the financial services industry which incorporated risk insurance, investment and a fire and general brokerage.  It was there that I really dipped my teeth into running a business.  While I loved the Company and the people in it, one part of the business was going gangbusters while the other was imploding.  A coach was engaged to help guide the business through its difficulties. It was a process that I loved, it was challenging but it brought about the right changes and showed that outside help can be invaluable.    

One thing that I remember to this day was a statistic that business owners would only realise ~40% of the value of their business when they retired or tried exit or sell their business.  That’s a sobering thought. 

By increasing your revenue, having more profit in your pocket and reduce your time stress it all adds up to “Having Your Best Year Ever in Business”. 

Love your business.  I look forward to working with you.

Craig McGregor

Business Advisor

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Here’s what clients say about
working with Craig…

“This talk has helped me to realize that I have been stuck on some things from the past and it is time to move forward with my goals and Dreams!”.
Crystal Hemminger, Owner, Primerica

“Now I understand how the figures multiply up, there are ways to grow your business for very little dollars”.
Collette, Karaka

“Your time in Business is precious, choose wisely how you spend it. Do or Delegate”.
Melissa, Auckland

“I gained a great understanding of what is holding me back”.
Rachelle, Auckland

“I am impressed with the explanation of the psychological connection between failure and change”.
Sam, Manukau

“Understanding that I need a Plan, Vision and Goals to build may business”.
Nick Burchfield,
Remax Commercial

“A beacon of inspiration… integrity and trustworthiness…. Grounded, honest, determined and resilient.”
Paul Crittenden, Owner, Be Think Perform  


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