David Cairns Creates Sustainable Growth for Small Business Client in Auckland

After starting a consulting business with Quantum Leap, David quickly rose to leadership. Today he is helping to deliver the Quantum Leap purpose of “inspiring and educating business owners to be their best.”

We are very excited and proud to showcase one of David’s latest client testimonials. Here’s what one of David’s happy clients said…

“12 months ago – my business was considered successful – well success was measured in sales $ revenue. The truth was, my team was unhappy, our clients were not receiving consistency and my bottom line was virtually non-existent. I was tired, physically and emotionally, and completely frustrated, which everyone noticed.

The first thing David made me do was write my own job description, as we worked through the modules I soon came to realise, it was a mess, I was wearing too many hats. I was trying to control everything and mainly focusing on the small stuff. I was going on a very long unproductive ride, always ending up back at the start.

Through David’s coaching I came to see my business as something positive. Learning new things, and reconfirming what I already knew around marketing, customer retention, company culture.

Breaking down of my profit and loss to small easy steps to make changes, was pivotal. Growth is great, but it is about the foundation and staying true to the fundamental core values of my business, that would see us through and allow us to reap the benefits from that growth!

David never told me I had to do this or that, by his guidance and working through the modules of the Quantum Leap Course, I was able to understand what was important for my business, what I was comfortable with, and where I wanted to be, personally, and in my business. David was a great sounding board.
In the last six months my profitability doubled compared to the previous 12 months. I am still not out of the woods, but I am going in the right direction. The best thing is my business is now structured and has focus – a clear vision.”

You can view David Cairns’ profile here.