About Us

Quantum Leap Business Advisors was established to help business owners create a better life

Our Approach

By inspiring and educating business owners, we intend to add $10 Billion dollars to small business globally.
Quantum Leap Business Advisors Pty Ltd was established to help business owners create a better life for themselves. We do this by helping Business Owners to build a business that works for them, instead of the business owner working for the business.

When a Business Owner turns to a consultant for help, they want real experience. Not theory. Business Owners need a consultant who has real-life experience with the rigours of running a business. Quantum Leap Business Advisor’s are the experienced business professionals that you can depend on.

We have a straight forward and genuine approach to business improvement. To see this for yourself, you can attend one of our FREE sessions called “How to Have Your Best Year Ever in Business”. This showcases the quality of our advisors and the approach we take to putting more profit in your pocket.

Quantum Leap Program

The Quantum Leap Program is a dynamic 90-Day Business Improvement curriculum. As the name suggests, it is designed to provide significant breakthrough in increasing revenue and profit while decreasing time stress for business owners.

By taking advantage of the Multiplier Effect in business, this program guides you – the business owner – through a series of small improvement steps that all add up to make significant improvements in your bottom line profits. You will learn the correct choice of strategy that allows you to make measurable improvements without spending more money or working longer hours.

The program covers 10 core strategy areas including lead generation, sales, margin increase, team, systems and much more. The whole process begins with a simple but powerful action plan.
Participating Business Owners often comment how surprised (and relieved) they are that they only need to take a series of small, well-directed steps to achieve a sizeable improvement in their business.

Quantum Leap Platinum Program

The Quantum Leap Platinum Program is a powerfully rewarding journey towards doubling and tripling a Business Owner’s net profit. The program begins with the development of a 12-Month Business Growth Plan. This program remains focused on the 10 core strategy areas but allows for more complex improvement projects to be undertaken. The Platinum program is delivered as one focused session each week.
The three core elements of the program are:
Firstly, the monthly management meeting with business owner and senior team to review progress and keep things moving in the right direction. Secondly, a monthly team training session with the entire team. The very first session of team training serves to galvanise the minds of the entire team around a central theme for success in the year ahead. Team members will also establish practical and achievable goals for their work unit and individual performance throughout the year. From there, you are given powerful personal success and leadership skills each month to support you in having your best year ever at work. The third element of the program is two tailored strategy sessions each month with the Business Owner. In these strategy sessions, our Advisors help business owners with the design and implementation of business improvement strategies as laid out in the 12-Month Growth Action Plan prepared at the start.

By having the business owner and their entire team remain focused on a clear set of goals and priorities, business growth and success occurs. One of the unique aspects of the Quantum Leap Platinum Program is that both business owner and their team are engaged and supported in achieving success in business.